Hi Debbie-

We could not be happier with Mr Maca"Roni" (Mr.Teal from  Cola x Charlie 2017). At just under 7 months,
although he is headstrong...he is sweet and willing to learn anything.  He has been in cars/trucks, grocery
stores, parks, coffee shops, wineries and restaurants.  He acts perfectly in all aspects, especially when he has
his training vest on.  He doesn't bark, kennels, loads and now waits at all doors to be asked to enter.  He knows
both verbal and hand cues for come, sit, stay and up/down.  He spends my long days at the office visiting with
our patients, calming their nerves and bringing joy to their day.
We are training him to be a service dog, but will not know for over a year if he can recognize anxiety before an
attack is underway, but he certainly already qualifies as a therapy dog.  My daughter (dog bite victim) has
completely bonded with him and he has brought back our faith in the family dog.  Although I still will never trust
others dogs when they say "he is great with kids", I know longer have (as severe) of panic attacks when I see or
even hear the word dog��.
Thank you so much for matching us with the perfect companion.  Both of my kids love him so much. Tammy,
I have shown and bred many Champion dogs over the past 45 years, Maltese, English Springer Spaniels, Cockers, Lhasa's---just to mention afew. I groomed
professionally as well. I just fell in love with a Labradoodle while walking in a RV park 9 years ago---the  rest is now history!!
FernRidge Labradoodles
Located 8 miles North of Veneta, Oregon,
or 26 miles NW of Eugene Orgeon.
8 acres of lush pine forrest !

Debbie Young (owner)

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