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Debbie Young (Owner)
Dy618@aol.com (prefer email )
Labradoodle puppies for sale
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Did I say FREE??
Yes, "pre-spoiling" is FREE
here at FernRidge for every puppy!!!!
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Lu is doing great. She napped with my son this afternoon and wants
to be around us all the time. Her tail has been up since
mid-afternoon. I think she had a great first day. Thanks so much for
bringing her to us and for the bag of goodies. She's a lovely girl.

Jean      (Therapy Dog)
"Cooper" was placed with a Michigan family for the little girl on the
left with cancer. He has totally fulfilled her dreams!
the NEW YORK TIMES reported that the AMERICAN HEART ASSOC. issued a scientific statement
"that owning a dog is probably associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.....
seem's obvious to me, but now it is nice to hear that is it scientific
All puppies come registered with ALAA and ALCA!   Pedigree's included
You cant pick up your puppy on their "going home date" ?
Would you like your new puppy to have a "HEAD START"
Crate trained, well started on housebreaking, attention and
Our " puppy coaches" can help
Aunt Mary-Ann and Uncle Harry will take your kiddo for 1-2
weeks. Price is $30.00 per day!

This is IN HOME.....ONE ON ONE.... training for only $30/day
Personal service limited to 2 puppies at a time.
Contact Debbie for more information/questions.
click to view videos
click to view videos
Fall/ Winter litters: all are pending

Estee x Lance
Jewel x Lance
Boots x Charlie
Kadie x Lance/Harvey??
our office manager
Zoey x Lance
Due in July    Home: late Sept.
Mediums / 32+ lbs
All colors..Apricots, creams, chocolates, blacks parti's?
Super calm temperaments!
Proven therapy producers!

Picture below is from a former litter of Zoey & Lance
Deposit of $350.00 with 3% transaction fee
Cola x  Harvey
Due July 1   Going home Mid-Sept.
Mediums / 25-38 lbs.
All colors expected: solid in cream, chocolate, black, caramel
Great coats and stellar temperaments
****  great therapy candidates  ****
We are so excited about this litter!

Deposit of $350.00 with 3% transaction fee
Deposit of $350.00 with 3% transaction fee
Lance x Darla
DOB: May 18th!   Home: July 22nd
Size: 25-35 lbs.
Color:   Apricot ....Solids and Parti's!
Beautiful loose, slightly wavy coats like both parents!   

If this timing isn't perfect with summer vacations.....its your perfect chance to
use our puppy coaches for a "Head Start" program!   Read below.........
Deposit of $350.00 with 3% transaction fee
Star x Charlie

Due Date: July 6/ Going home approx: Mid-September
Apricot fleece /  22-26 lb range
Nice little buddies! Gentle and smart!
Opening for one more deposit!

Coaches are available for 2 in this litter!
Mary & Charlie
DOB: 5/8/17  
Going home July 13th
Size: Petite
Ms Orange
Deposit of $350.00 with 3% transaction fee
Ms Teal