Labradoodle puppies for sale
"Oliver"  Wendy- Las Vegas
"Quinn".. Pam S.
"Murphy" and his new best buddy!
Remi's first birthday! Harvey kiddo!
FernRidge Django in Switzerland
"Brady".....Lipman's. Portland, OR
"Gus"...Pete Bailey, OR.
FernRidge "Gus" is now a certified service dog for
his owner, Pete Bailey. Gus helps Pete with his
PTSD and hearing loss. Congratulations to both! So
proud of you!
"Remi "
helping Lauren conquer school! Amazing!
Super Dog! Sugar Merill,
Eugene, OR.
"Gus" meeting a new friend on the hiking trail!
"Sully" and the Johnson kiddo's in Az.!
"Lenny and Lucy stopping on a Nationwide  
RV road trip with Mom and Dad!"
"Cody" with best friend Jenna "NY"
"Mine"!     Murphy and Molly
Molly..the Easter bunny
Gus ....Sushi x Chalrie kiddo!
"Milo and Henry" at the beach
Both Harvey kiddo's
Chewy's 4th birthday party!
Tink in Alaska Snow skiing
"Stella"--- black is beautiful!
Milo and Henry Sellers, CA.
"Clover" ready for Halloween!
Dixie Top Grad
Sadie" Kadie x Harvey kiddo
Stella wants to be Santa!
Murphy and Molly/ Eclipse ready!
Maddie Eugene, OR
"Toby" Harvey x Boots
"Pinot at Lake Tahoe"
Beth and Hudson in NYC! Matching buddies!
"Perez kiddos on the move!"
"Chewy" Eclipse 2017, CA.
Lucy in Portland, Or.
Rose in Eugene, Or.
Lucy in Grants Pass, Or.
Stanley is wiped out after 2 home showing with
his realtor mom!
Harvey is so pretty!
Buster loves 4th of July!!       "Kaula"
"Pebbles-the Big Game Hunter"!
Beautiful summer day on the lake
"Finn in lipstick trouble"
"Walking to school in the rain"
Keeping up with puppy!        "Bella"
"Kahlua  at the beach"
"Gracie and Truman Mathews",
Bend, Or.
Coach & Hero
Puppy Love with Sushie and Cookie!
" Sushie" says "this is the only way to travel"!!
Kahlua on her lunch break ;)
"Beth and Hudson"       Luna and Allison
Click on Harvey's photo to see video
Harvey's son               " Archie"
Tyler "lounging" in NY
Wexley in Seattle helping "design"
Heidi, Cosmo and Girls
"Scarlett" smelling the flowers in
Cottege Grove, Or.
Truman and Gracie, Sister, OR
Maci and her cat in Boston
Simba and Jalen
Beth & Hudson , Farmer's Market, NYC
Bentley and Royce
Bath Time for Choles pups!

Cindy and Bella
Truman and Gracie with the Matthews
FernRidge Tommy TuTone's puppies in
" Hooks Labradoodles/Sweden"
Truman in Sisters, Or.      
"Winnie at home" 8 wks old
"Penner in Seattle"
LOVIE is going home to WA