Mill Creeks Cause for Applause "Harvey"  
ALAA #023015
ALCA -172-06-042011001-D
DOB: 1-4-2011
"Harvey is a very loyal service dog.  He's is the sweetest boy in the world with the greatest silky non-matting coat.
He's hot girls!! Harvey is my  service dog that goes most everywhere with me--he helps me with mobility
Black-carries cream & choc
Coat: silky fleece
Australian Multigen (5th generation)-non-shedding
Size:   38 lbs.- 18"
Saber Tail
Harvey is a proven coat corrector!
and is now AKC Canine Good Citizen
Health Testings:
CERF: normal
OFA Elbows: normal
OFA Hips:Good
(Final Good)
PRA: tested Clear
VWB: Clear
IC; Normal
DM: Clear
EIC: Clear
Sire: Mill Creek's Denzel Washington
Dam: Sierra Vista's Shakira,Rattle & Roll
FernRidge Labradoodles
Central Oregon-Eugene area.

Debbie Young (owner) (prefer email )
Serenitys Little Rascal of FernRidge
" Spanky"
Sire:: Serenity Timoteo Marks The Spot
Dam: Sutter Buttes Irish Roisin
ALAA #: 032032
ALCA# - 172-03162013-005-D
DOB: 03-16-2013
Spanky is a Proven coat corrector! Wonderful silky straight fleece coats!
Spanky is co-owned with Cherry Lane Labradoodles in Medford, Oregon.
Color: Red BBee
Size : Medium: 18" and  32 lbs
Coat: Loose fleece
Saber tail
Health testings;
OFA  hips: Excellent
OFA elbows: normal
PRA: Clear
vWB clear
IC. Normal
DM: Clear
Cerf: Clear
EIC: clear  
DM: Clear
FernRidge Solid Gold    "Lance"
ALCA# 176-01142014-105-D
DOB:  01-14-14
Sire: Serenity Springs Little Rascal of FernRidge
Dam: Ocean States Lasting Impression

"Lance" is an amazing dog! Therapy temperament, calm and stable... producing some great dogs
helping with PTSD and children with anxiety issues.......
Color: Red/Bbee
carries Parti, chocolate, black, cream, parti and phantom
Coat:  straight fleece
Size: 18"/35 lbs
Saber Tail
Health testings;
OFA elbows: normal
OFA hips: Good
IC clear
DM: clear
vWB: clear
PRA: clear
EIC: Clear
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"Springville Charlie Bronson"
DOB: 10-11-2015
ALAA#: 046452
ALCA# 172-10112015-044
Sire: Springville Gresham   Dam: Springville Renoir Rose
Charlie is producing the sweetest babies ever! We couldn't ask for a gentler dog and joy to have in our home.!
Size: 16" 23 lbs.
PRA: clear
OFA:/eVet, Dr. Wallace: Good
vWB: clear
IC: clear
DM: clear
EIC: Clear