I have shown and bred many Champion dogs over the past 45 years, Maltese, English Springer Spaniels, Cockers, Lhasa's---just to mention afew. I groomed
professionally as well. I just fell in love with a Labradoodle while walking in a RV park 9 years ago---the  rest is now history!!
FernRidge Labradoodles
Located 8 miles North of Veneta, Oregon,
or 26 miles NW of Eugene Orgeon.
8 acres of lush pine forrest !

Debbie Young (owner)

Dy618@aol.com (prefer email )
Riley is such a smart puppy and eager
to please. Lots of mouthing and
jumping as to be expected but if we are
consistent and attentive he does learn
quickly.   And growing so fast too!

Julie, alaska
Colorado River in the background at
Canyonlands National Park. Lucy is
also having a wonderful time. She's
such a great little traveler!

Barbara, Medford, Or.
Oh my gosh!! What a fantastic
Mother's Day gift too!!! Seamus
wonderful and we are all in love. Potty
training is going great and he's a
Thank you so much for all you do for
these special pups!!

Jennifer, Alaska
FernRidge Rawley, in Belgium with
Starline Labradoodles...love this guy
and a "to die" for personality
Milo has great parents! (Fancy
/Harvey) Sometimes, when he is sitting,
he looks a lot like the picture you have
of Fancy on the website.
He is getting big, already 36 pounds!
Nice and strong, he hikes about 5-7
miles, 4-5 days a week. Somehow, he
does still have energy to rip up paper!!
We all are excited for the puppy to
arrive and be here to play with!
Thank you again for these perfect
additions to our family.
Warmest wishes,
K.S.-- M.A., CCC-SLP
Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist
Clinical Director / CA.
Hi Debbie!  
We gave Sweet Pea extra birthday
hugs from you! She is doing fantastic!
Here's a couple pics we took of her
getting an extra birthday treat- her
favorite, pancakes!
We love her so much and we can't tell
you thank you enough for entrusting
her to us! She has brought so much
joy to our family and literally changed
the life of our daughter Abigail. Every
who meets her instantly loves her.  She
is such a sweetheart!!
Albany, OR
Rusty has brought so much joy to our family.
Such a loving, playful, smart lil guy. He sleeps
just as hard as he plays. He loves to cuddle
with his cow and sleep belly up. His new
Sister, Gracie, is cautiously optimistic about
his puppy exuberance. He's doing great with
sit and down, and no accidents in the house
in 5 days! The training bells have been a
wonderful success. It's so much fun watching
him learn and explore.
Tammy, CA.
Update on Mr Macaroni- "Roni":

He is the sweetest little thing, he loves
to snuggle, his most active moments
are at 5am,�� but that too is short lived
and he is back to following around
Bella. Bella says "I love snuggling with
him, he is like my baby, and I never
want to hurt him".

Love Bella

Just wanted to give you another update
on Chase. He been adjusting very well.
He's already potty trained. We haven't
had any accidents in over a week now.
Thank you for such a great puppy.

Scott C, Sherwood, Or
Hi Debbie,

Tessa is from bubbles last litter she will
be one in March. Mattie and her just
graduated from beginning obedience
class and are now enrolled in the
intermediate class. There is another
dog from you in the class her name is
Chloe she is training to be a therapy
dog. Tessa is doing great! Here are
some pics from her graduation. Sorry
not the best pics but oh well:)
Hello Deb!
Kahlua is going great!! She's so
amazing! I looked at your site and fell
in love with Ms. Caramels color. I wish
Boots and Charlie had a girl!! I love
those dogs so much!!

Hi Debbie: Just touching base to let you know
how we're doing. Finley is so smart and
seems to be adjusting really well. The first
night I needed to come to the crate several
times to comfort her, but last night I stayed on
the couch (and we both got some needed
rest). She's reliably doing her business in the
yard and adores the doorknob bells although
hasn't yet fully grasped their real purpose, but
we're working on it.  
Today I saw the first indications of her lively
side. I pulled out a plastic water bottle as you
recommended, and it was a huge success!
At first it frightened her because it rolled and
"talked" when she bit on it, but tonight she
approached it fearlessly. She's enjoying our
forays around the yard.
Your packet is so helpful, lots of great
articles, thank you!
I did join the FB page and will post Finley's
photo there now.

All the best to you, Pat, Eugene, Or.
Hi Debbie,
I hope all is well with you. I'm sorry that
it's been so long since I updated you
on Beau. As you can see, he's
wonderful. We're waiting to start him in
the next obedience class. He's so
smart already though. He sits, stays,
comes, heels fetches, gives his paw,
and he even knows his left from right.
Only issue we've been dealing with is
him chewing, but we're getting through
it. Thank you for such a great dog! I'll
try to keep you updated more often.

Best, John
Hi Debbie! Sorry I haven't emailed for awhile,
we've been busy enjoying the end of our
summer and gearing up for the start of the
new school year.  Here's a picture of Sweet
Pea sending Abigail off to her first day of 5th
grade today.  Sweet Pea is doing excellent!!
We are so thrilled with her! We love her to
pieces! She has bonded so well to Abigail
and has helped her be so much more calm
and confident already. We had so much fun
camping with her this summer. She
absolutely loved the beach and made all of
our family (whom we were camping with) fall
in love with her!  She has even made friends
with my parents' 2 cats!  In fact, everyone who
meets her, loves her immediately! We feel so
blessed to have her part of our family. Thank
you again, we are so grateful! ~Krista
Hi Debbie,
I thought that you might like to see this photo.
This is already one of many but the first one
where we managed to get all 3 kids and
Kobe to look at the camera! I had a great chat
with Mary Ann on Wednesday. She told me
how she had put Kobe to bed when he was at
her house - we are all sleeping very well
now!!! I suppose it would have been smart of
me to have asked the question before he
arrived home.
Kobe is doing really well. Playing hard,
listening well, being loved eating well and
sleeping lots too. We are all so happy that he
is port of our family.

Thanks for breeding a gorgeous puppy!  
Dear Debbie,
Hi!  Rosie is an amazing puppy and we
love her so much!  She has been doing
really well!  She sleeps through the
night in her crate and is doing well with
potty training.  We all love her very
much.  She has a such a sweet
disposition and is so much fun to play
with and be with.   
Thank you so much! All the best, Anne,
Dan, Dylan and Sara
Hi Debbie-
I hope all is well in the great Northwest.
Scraps is doing phenomenal. He
turned 2 last week is the very best,
smartest, calmest, sweetest pup in the
world. I cannot have imagined loving a
dog as much as I love him. He comes
with me everywhere and he is truly best
friends with the kids.

Laura, Alan, Sam, Jake & Bailey and
Brookline, Massachusetts.
My husband purchased our Labradoodle
Charlie from you in May 2014. Charlie was
from Spanky and Kadie born February 23,
2014.   I have been going to email you for
quite sometime to tell you what an AMAZING
Labradoodle he is.  I own/operate a
preschool for children 3-5. I teach a total of 60
different students.  Charlie goes to school
with me each day and is my students best
friend.  The children love him so much.  He is
so gentle and kind.  His temperament is truly
unbelievable.  Charlie has become the icon
of my school.  I will send pictures for you to
see.  My husband passed away last
December and Charlie has truly been my love
and support.  He is by my side at all times.  I
can't tell you enough how much I love him
and what a wonderful companion he is.
I would love to have another Labradoodle for
him to play with.  I look forward to visiting with
you more.   Thanks - Penny, Idah
Hello Debbie!

Attached is a photo of the sweetest
dog in America!  Rosie has been an
absolute delight and we are all madly in
love with her already. Her coat is so
gorgeous and her temperament and
fun personality win everyone over who
comes for a visit.  Thank you so much
for everything--her "Go Home" puppy
kit has been so helpful and we are so
impressed by the potty training and
night time routine with her crate.  I think
Rosie read the book before we did! I
can't believe how smart she is!  At
night, we all want to snuggle with her,
but realize that she loves her den/crate
and probably needs a break from us!  
Rosie has been a dream dog for us
and we can't imagine how we went so
long without a pup like her!

More photos soon but this one my son
Charlie wanted me to send you
because of her new collar. Thank you
again and I can't tell you how many
people ask and I am happy to tell them
who and where we got our Rosie from.

Hope you have had a nice few weeks
and we hope to see you soon!  
Whitney Edman and family
Hi Debbie!!
Tessa is doing awesome! We are so in
love! Once I get pics downloaded from
my camera I will send you some! She is
excellent In her kennel, eats well, and
sleeps well. Pretty darn near perfect!:)  
She has played with her brother Jax
twice. He's bigger so the first time he
jumped on her and they ran around
playing but the second time she was a
little fireball and kept taking all his toys!
Ha ha ha
Thanks Again Heather
Good Morning Debbie...

Finn is doing great!  He is now a canine good
citizen and goes Saturday to be screened for
the animal therapy program at the hospital.  If
he is accepted, he will attend a series of
training classes at the hospital.  I think he will
do great.  He is currently involved in the READ
program and goes to several elementary
schools.  He is doing great for his age (16
months)... Getting better with each visit.

I have a grooming question.  I'm not sure
what to do with his tail.  As you can see, the
hair is fairly long.  Should I shorten it?   I want
to groom Finn to represent the breed correctly.

Take care...
Mary Anne Wheeler, FL.
Dear Debbie,
I hope your husband is doing fine now.
I have enjoyed my Sochi so much. She
is quite the people dog once you pass
her test. So many people I run into love
the dog and I have given out your
name many times. I may have to get
another one, once we are fully trained.
We start obedience school Feb first.
So far she is learning... Except for the
come. If she is busy or playing with the
ranch dogs.. Just looks at me with the "I
don't think so" and runs off!
We shall overcome!
Thanks for such a great puppy !

Best Mary, Texas
Hi Debbie,
Happy New Year! I wanted you to know
Phoebe is doing great! She loves
going on walks and playing on the
greenbelt with other dogs. She's
completed basic puppy class and we're
continuing on with intermediate class in
2 weeks. She loves to go and she's
quite the talker. Thank you for giving
us such a wonderful dog!!
Take Care,
Rosa McGowan
Dear Debbie

Sadie had a great Christmas. She is
doing well and loving all of the
attention.  She is a great addition to
the family. Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year.

Jackie, NJ
I just had to write again to tell you how happy
we are to have little Cooper join our family.  
He has been a piece of cake, and I'm not
kidding when I say I think he's already potty
trained.  He asks to go out, and goes on
command when he gets distracted.  He is
holding his own with our little female Elsie,
and today they have been sharing my lap and
their toys. He's so mellow- just the right mix of
playful and calm. He sleeps in his crate all
night without making a peep, and I even leave
the door wide open!  He has bonded with my
slippers and is the only puppy I've heard of
who sleeps on slippers instead of chewing
them up.  Thank you for sharing him with our
family; I'll continue to send you updates but
just had to tell you what a joy he's been.  
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Kind regards,
Caramel Boy’ aka BJ will be 6 months
tomorrow and I thought it was time to send
you some update photos.  He is 38-1/2 lbs
and about 19” in height.  We are absolutely
head over heels with our labradoodle!!  He is
so loving, gentle and even well-mannered.  
We have been amazed at how easy he has
been to train—in some cases he doesn’t
even need to be trained it is like he knows
how he should behave.  He loves his huge
pile of toys and treats them all with respect;  
loves water whether it be mud puddles,
wading pools or the spray nozzle or just plain
old rain;  loves to run and run and run;  loves
to snoop (particularly in the trash can); loves
to play fetch but really, really likes to play fetch
when he gets a cookie treat; loves to go for
rides;  loves everybody and just can’t wait to
play with other pooches.

He is a family member now and we can’t
imagine life without him.  Thank you for
allowing us to have him.

Jeri B.
Hey Debbie....
I hope all is well with you.  What a fantastic
year of beautiful puppies!  I know you must be
proud.  I want you to know how proud we are
of Finley (Darla x Spanky) and what joy he has
brought us this first year.  He is absolutely the
apple of our eyes!  He is kind, sensitive, loyal,
obedient, and playful.  He loves the water and
looks forward to paddle boarding and boat
riding.  He is also an amazing retriever.  He
excels in obedience class and will take his
CGC test next week.  He will begin attending
children's reading groups in the elementary
schools in October.  As you can see....he is
truly amazing.  Thanks so much for breeding
such wonderful dogs!!  Here are a few
pictures of him...

Take care, Debbie...Mary Anne
Madison, Florida
Hi Debbie,

I just wanted to send you a few new pictures
of Archie at 13 weeks.  The first pic is after he
took his first walk in the rain.  He was
drenched.  Then we gave him a bath and
brushed him in the other two pics.  He is
doing great.  He has been such a great
puppy.  We thoroughly enjoy having him be a
part of our family.  We took him to our first
puppy class yesterday.  He did a great job
especially since he already knew all the basic
comments.  He is very smart and very calm
(for a puppy :)).  He is doing well in his crate
and hasn't had any accidents since the first
week.  Hope all is well with you.
Thanks.  Hope you are doing well.

Kent and Amy, WA.

We are loving our "Friday"!

Kanes, Portland
Sadie is very sweet and cuddly.
Housebroken and loves her kitty
(sometimes too much!).

Hope you are well.

Janie Stewart
Hi Debbie!  I hope all is well for you!  
It's been a few years since
Hunter came to join the Beasley family
but just wanted to send you an
email to let you know much we love
having him part of our family and
can't imagine our lives without our
loving guy!  Of course I am
biased, but he is truly the best dog on
the planet!  We love to jog
together, play, and of course lay
around! Take care!

Beasley's, Corvallis, Or.
I just wasn't to tell you that Buddy is
absolutely perfect!  He is so loveable,
sweet, and very smart!  We couldn't be
happier, thank you!

The Whitton Family
Georgia just had her 1st grooming!
She did great and the groomers had
nothing but wonderful compliments to
say about her temperament and
manners. Yesterday my 3 year old
dressed her in doll clothes. Georgia
wasn't impressed but was so tolerant.
At only 4.5 months old, i'm so
impressed. We are so lucky to have
such an amazing puppy! Thank you for
the best dog ever!

The Riley's , Wa.

We are looking for a solid choc that
has a straighter coat like Brody.   
Thank you for what you do!!!
Taking Brody for a walk is like being
with a celebrity LOL!

Jeff and Kelli , Oregon
Hey Debbie...

I hope all is well with you.  Finley (Darla
x Spanky)FernRidge Finn is 8 months
today.  He has passed the AKC puppy
STARS class and Basic Manners.  He
is not too far from getting his Good
Canine Citizen.  He is a fantastic dog
and we absolutely LOVE him!

Take Care...Mary Anne
Madison, FL
Thanks so much for everything Debbie. Great
to meet you. Knew you had to be a very
special person to breed such great dogs.
Harvey is an amazing dog and must be a
fantastic companion. We made it home. Long
trip. Take off was delayed 2 1/2 hours.
Fortunately Sandi stole the show and Delta
staff loved her. Helped me figure out where
she could pee in a secure airport!  In the soft
crate for takeoff and landing. Otherwise in my
lap. Tyler is warming up to her slowly but
surely. Cats are cautious. She loves to eat for
sure.  She is beautiful and the bonds are
already strong. Will update you as she grows.
Thanks again. Big hug.

Roger, NYC
Hi Debbie,
Ceto is adjusting well to her new
home.  Ceto is very brave around the
chickens and wants to play with them.
(The chickens do not feel the some. :)
Ceto rings the bells to go out, is
starting to recognize her name, and
gets 'come', 'sit', and 'touch' most of
the time. Really awesome for only
being with us for 3 days! We'll let you
know how puppy training class goes
next weekend.
~Julie -  Corvallis, Or.
(Ceto is a service dog in training)
Hi Debbie,
Finley is safe and sound and doing
great!!! He was quiet for just a few
minutes and then he quickly warmed
up to us:). My heart is so full!!!
He is cuter than his pics, and we are in
love!!!  We will send pics in the weeks
ahead so you can see how he is

Thank you!!
Lori in NH
Dear Debbie,
We got home late last night. Teddy did
fine in the car sleeping most of the
time. He was a little nervous when we
got home but he slept 6 hours in his
crate on our bed beside us. He is doing
very good now and already started
training. We wanted to thank you for
the wonderful kid you gave us. He is
such a blast and filled our house with
joy and love... I'm attaching some
pictures. We will keep in touch...
Ali & Tayebeh
Hi Debbie,    
Hope all is going well!  I thought I would
share a couple of  pictures from our
day trip to Crater Lake this past
weekend.  Brody loves the snow!  He is
such a good boy we are so happy with
him. Brody weighs about 17lbs and is
doing great.  He is very well adjusted
and makes my day when I get home
from work. ;).  
Hi Debbie,

Just wanted to send you a recent photo
of Koji. He's growing up so fast --he's
about 12lbs now. He's in puppy school
and doing really well...he learns very
quickly! We are having such a great
time with him and he's a huge hit in the
neighborhood. So many compliments
on his good behavior and beautiful
coat! Thank you so much, every day
he brings laughter to our house :)

Hi!  Our little girl dog is 19 pounds plus
now!  She’s lots of fun but can be a
real stinker!  We’re thinking she’ll end
up weighing 25 pounds!  We love her
“white missteps” and white on her chin.  

Here’s a recent photo of her right after
her first grooming, which was a week

Hope all is well with you.  

Bill and Lynette , Sisters, Oregon
Hi Debbie, Just wanted to let you know that
we were at a dog park in Tucson yesterday
and a woman with a wonderful standard
poodle wanted to know all about Hope. That's
not unusual as everyone comments on her
looks and her temperament. But this woman
commented that she was beautifully bred.
Kudos to you. Hope is just about 11 months
and 1 month into our snowbird trip. She is
doing very well. Because of coyotes we need
to keep her on a leash so we look for clean,
safe dog parks. She loves to play with
other.dogs and is great with them. She is
quite the runner and loves to be chased. In
another year I would like to get her a playmate
but think I might not be able to do a pup again
so will probably look for an older  dog. Hope
is turning into the best dog ever. Thanks. Terry
Hi Debbie-
All is well in Boston and we are very
glad you liked the card. Scraps is an
angel. He is smart and sweet and so
calm. We love him. He is a star in our
We will keep in touch.
Happy Holidays and all best wishes for
a healthy, happy New Year.

Scrap's great family in Boston!
Hi Debbie,
We have named lime boy "Brody" and
we love him!!! He is such a sweet boy.  
He is doing very good on the potty
training, we love the bells. I think he is
getting use to his new house and is
getting comfortable with his
environment. Thank you we are very
happy and proud to have him in our
Hi Debbie,
I hope all is well. I just wanted to send
you a note to let you know that Bailey
is doing well. We still have some issues
with her eyes but we've gotten the
irritation under control. She loves being
a big sister, though she doesn't always
realize how little Addyson still is :) I've
attached a picture of Bailey and
Addyson together. I hope you have a
great holiday season.

Sincerely,Chelsey, Eugene, Or,
Hi Debbie  
Jasper is doing great!  She's 9.11 lbs.
now. Got her 2nd distemper shot
yesterday. Gets along fine w/ our
daughter's pointer dog Hank. Has so
much energy!  Sits for us and brings
the ball back when thrown and expects
her treat. Lays down under table by Bill
during meals. Loves that rawhide treat
you included in her going home bag.
Need to get another like it!  

Bill and Lynette and Jasper
Hi Debbie.
Have been remiss about sending pic
but am making a conscious effort to
capture Simon. He moves so quickly I
usually get just a furry behind. Will
send some Christmas ones. He is a
true joy, we love him and he us. He
goes with me everywhere and is the
perfect traveler. I have never known a
dog that is so sweet. He truly loves
everyone and every other living critter.
He is intuitively smart and he almost
speaks by expressions alone. Thank
you for our wonderful boy. Will send
some cuter pictures soon. Fondly Kay
and Mark.
Hi Debbie,
Thank you so much for the photos and
everything you've done for Wexley and
us. We are head over heels in love with
her!! She's such a wonderful dog...it's
beyond words.

She's settled in perfectly well and
seems to be loving life :)
We'll be in touch with plenty of pictures
and updates.
Have a wonderful week.
Haris, CA.
Dear Debbie
Here are a couple of 9 month photos of
Hope. (Kadie and Spanky 2/23) She is
an amazing dog and a beauty.
Everyone at the vet just loves her. So
smart. I was surprised that she was
only 24.9 lbs!!! Seems like she has quit
growing. Long legs! Doing lots of
training. . We are off to Florence
Oregon today for Turkey Day and
starting to plan our RV trip for January.
Hope is a great traveler.

We just love her. Thanks. Terry


Some pictures of sweet Cory from last
weekend.  He is such a love - thank
you, Debbie for letting me have him!--

Peggy McElroy
SeaSpray Labradoodles, Florida
Hi Debbie,
I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping in touch.
The beautiful puppy you sent us is still
doing well. We named him Louka.  His
picture is attached. The puppy pictures
were taken the evening he arrived in
Houston.  He is the most loving, good
natured and healthy dog one could ask
for. I can’t thank you enough.  Everyone
he meets loves him.  We had a trainer
work with us to teach him some basic
commands and to teach the children how
to work with dogs.
Many thanks!!
Lara Savas
Mr Macaroni is doing amazing!!
My name is Jeremy. We purchased a male from
you in November. I have got to tell you! We are
so impressed with our fur baby! I just got back
from the vet and she couldn't not stop praising
him on his maturity level at such a young age!
She also was really impressed in his attention
span. We really couldn't have asked for a better
dog. The relationship that Lincoln has build with
our 5 year old son is just amazing. They truly are
best friends! They sleep together, they play
outside together with the neighborhood kids.
Lincoln WILL NOT leave my sons side when
they're outside. Lincoln's favorite times of the day
are school Pickup/drop off,  after dinner walks
and evening cuddle time. I want to thank you for
providing us with the missing member of our
family! We couldn't have gotten a better dog!


Fred graduated from his puppy class a
few weeks ago, with flying colors.  He is
the perfect puppy, and the light of my life.

Lois, Jackson, OR.
(Lily x Harvey puppy)
Molly and Murphy

Kim , Eugene, OR.
He prefers to be on the water instead of
in the water. He goes to the golf course
daily and runs 36 holes before 7 am. Bill
says he is going to let Hershey drive the
cart and Bill run behind because the dog
is in such great shape. There is not a
goose to be found on the course. When
he's not on the course, he hangs with Bill
in the office. Everyone knows this dog,
he's the Lake Wildwood Association
Robin, WA.
Hi Debbie,

Just wanted to check in and let you know
that Winnie (Ms. Pink) is amazing!  We
are loving her to death.  She's so smart
and such a great personality.  She can
already sit and is starting to use her bells
to go outside.  Our big dog loves her.  
Thanks for making our puppy buying
experience a great one!

Cortney, CA.
Hi Debbie-
Well Jax is almost a year now and just as
you predicted he is 23# and 16 1/2
inches tall. He has become a fabulous
dog! He is very smart and has a great fun
personality. He fits right in with our family!
He loves to play catch and chew his toys!
He also is very fond of the snow! He had
just began to sleep out of his kennel and
he spends equal time in each of the girls
rooms then ends up in ours. He likes to
keep tabs on all of us. He is not a barking
dog only when someone is at the door.
He does great with the bells to go out!
Thank you so much for the quality dog we
have. We are truly grateful! Thank you
Devin, Jamie, Madie, Kendal & Kolbi
Debbie, just wanted to say hi and send you a
picture of our sweet baby girl. Don't know if you
remember but I was the lady who wanted a
sweet puppy to be with me while I went through
chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am through all
my treatment and done and happy and healthy!
Mayreau has been an absolute dream from day
one. She turned 1 in August and our family has
never loved a dog this much.  She follows me
everywhere, has the best personality and is
such a good girl. Everyone who meets her
instantly falls in love :-)
So much so, that my husband, now wants one of
his own! Thank you so much. Mayreau is just an
incredible new addition to our family and we
can't imagine it without her.   


"Tessa and  happy Family"
Hi Deb!

I just wanted to give you an update on Murphy.
He is doing so great! You're right- he's such a
lover and has so much personality that is
coming to the surface! He and my parents
doodle, Ollie, are getting along beautifully. We
have our first class with the trainer today but he's
already such a smart pup. I can't thank you
enough for running such a wonderful breeding
program and being so helpful. I can't imagine a
more comforting experience.

"Coach and Michelle"

Love this dog.
Thanks,  Gene Ranly
Hi Debbie!
We wanted to thank you for such a sweet puppy.
Our Cocoa is super smart and after only a few
days had begun ringing his bells by himself to
let us know he has to potty outside!
Crate training is going well as we have it in our
room at night (makes it easier to take him potty
in the night) and no accidents at night so far :)
when it's time for bed he walks right in and lays
down. It's so sweet as he lays his head down on
the bear you sent home with him.When my
husband leaves for work in the morning, Cocoa
likes to snooze on his pillows. He sticks pretty
close to me during the day and lays right next to
my feet when I am in the kitchen. He really loves
his people and is happiest when close to us.He
is our sweet boy and our family is now complete.
We can't imagine life without him!  All the Best,
Scott, Grace, Hannah, Victoria, Rachel and
Cocoa Cooper
Hi Debbie,

Just thought I'd finally take a breather and email
you about Finn's progress!  Summer has been a
whirlwind so far, Finn just fits in the family so
well.  He's in week 2 of training classes and
learning like a pro!  I can hardly get enough of
his coat, I'm considering training him to be a
therapy dog, you can't help but take a deep
breath and relax when you pet him!  He's getting
his first grooming on Thursday, he hasn't had
anything since we got him from you 7 weeks
ago.  I'll probably do a tidy but undecided on if
we'll cut some of his super fluffy self!  He's gone
to softball and soccer tournaments, camping
and on his first hike yesterday, he's a HUGE hit
everywhere we go, people love him. Thanks
Debbie, hope summer is treating you well,

Elise Callies
Just wanted to let you know how much we
love Phish!  He is such a sweet puppy
and minds so well! He absolutely adores
Claire and they are practically
inseparable.  But, he hangs with me at
the office when she is at soccer and loves
meeting our patients.

Rebecca, Roseburg, Or.
Hello Debbie,
Amber is doing very well.  She knows her
name, sit and come.  Working daily on
those commands.  Also working on no
jumping��.  Amber visited Gracie and
Truman Mathews.
Just wanted to let you know her surgery
bump is gone.

Amber is a joy. Thank you for your
professionalism and love of dogs.

Barbara , Sisters, Or.
Hi Debbie -
I wanted to share a recent photo of Tuck.
He's already grown so much! He has
been doing so well and we love having
him as a part of our family. He is just a
love and super smart. He already knows
sit, down, and go potty.  We had some
friends over this weekend and they are
very interested in getting a Labradoodle
after spending time with him. I passed
along your info and told them how
wonderful you are to work with. I'll be sure
to send more updates in the near future.

Take care,Cassie Montagne, WA.
Just wanted to let you know I put the
contract in the mail today-sorry I forgot
about it. I guess we were too busy loving
on this guy! Ollie is doing great! Growing,
exploring, and changing everyday! He is
a perfect fit in our family. He starts
obedience school later this month but
already knows a few things.  Thanks
again! (Lily x Harvey pup)

Jenee and family
Eugene, Or.
Hi Debbie,
Two and a half years ago my good friend Jenny
Roth was the winning bidder at our school’s
auction (St. Louise School in Bellevue, WA). The
prize was a labradoodle puppy she named
Champ. At the time I thought she was crazy
bidding on a dog. But when she got that cute
little guy we loved him so much we decided we
wanted to have one for out family. He had such a
good demeanor and was so good with her boys.
My kids had always wanted a dog so I
researched many breeds and ultimately bought
little Molly from you a year and a half ago. Both
Molly and Champ are Lily and Harvey’s pups.
Molly has been such a sweet addition to our
About nine months ago another family from our
school was looking into getting a dog and often
saw Molly with us. They came over to our house
with their kids to see what she was really like.
They fell in love and ended up buying Ozzie from
you last year. The dad just told me on Sunday
Ozzie is the best dog they have ever had and
thanked me for helping steer them in the right
All of these great stories would have never
happened if it was not for your generosity
several years ago. You helped raise money for
our school, but also brought more awareness to
your business which brings such beautiful dogs
to good families.
I know there are a lot of families that would love
to have such a sweet addition.
Sincerely, Renee
"Carson"Hello to all. 6 months old and
approximately 35 lbs. We are in the throes of
adolescent behavior.  He continues to be loads
of fun and is doing well in obedience school. He  
graduates tomorrow night. He excels in agility
and did pretty well in his first rally attempt last
week. We spend 1-1/2 to 2 hours per morning
walking, playing, training and meeting other
people and dogs. We usually chase a Frisbee
and today he figured out on his own that he
could sit or lay down until it landed than go
chasing after it wildly. I was going to start a
program to begin training for field retrieves soon
so I guess he read my mind. Many have
commented on how "cute. adorable, handsome
etc." he is. I have given all that are interested
both your  names so hopefully more of your
great  puppies will find homes in the valley.
We usually take an easy half hour walk in the
evening and he sleeps until 5:30 or 6:00 when I
get up. In short life is good with Carson. He is
loads of fun and he challenges me daily to keep
his physical and mental workouts interesting. I
think we will start the Canine Good Citizen
program next. We are looking forward to the
therapy training in the future, We will continue to
update you as we proceed with his and our
Mark, Deborah and Carson
Hello Debbie....
Not the best photo but one that actually shows
some of her face.
Bella is growing fast, healthy, and oh how she
loves to nip. She's a busy little B times 100. :)
She is the absolute sweetest whom we adore.
I've given your website out, everyone we run into
loves her so much. I took her into Nordstrom for
a quick item pick up (which by the way,
something I can't imagine that I would do, taking
a dog into the store let alone Nordy's..but did)
and I was in the store seriously like an
additional 45 mins from ppl coming up to pet
and ask about Bella. Bella was a rock star... She
got so much attention. Bella went to the
groomers and everyone at the groomers were in
love with her. Ok... Enough of my bragging about
the darling pup you created. But wanted to share
how well she's doing and how everyone loves
her. :)
Happy holidays to you and your family. The
Hi Debbie,

Here is Archie at 5 months!
We are having a great time with him.  He
loves going to our daughter's soccer
games, playing with our neighbor's dogs,
and cuddling in our lap at night.  :-)  

Hope you are doing well!

Kent, Amy, and Riley Smith
Rosie is doing great!  She was so nervous and
shy at first, but she's done so well - we go out for
walks at least twice a day, so she's meeting all
of the neighborhood dogs and getting used to
living in an urban environment.  We've enrolled
in her puppy class - she has a socialization
class today, and her first training class is

She is a total love.  She is sweet and cuddly - a
people dog, she's become very attached to each
member of the family.  She is particularly
wonderful with children - she's so sweet and
gentle with Mackenzie, we just love her so much!

FYI I have been approached by three different
people asking where we got Rosie, and asking
whether there are puppies available.  One
woman's name is Tracy - her daughter attends
my daughter's school.  Another woman has two
older poodles and really wants a puppy.  And
another woman said her sister's dog just
passed away and she's looking for a puppy.  So
hopefully they will all get in touch with you soon!
Best regards, Eric, Christine and Mackenzie

Thought you would enjoy some pictures of Simon
who is now 15 months, He is such a joy, so smart.
He loved to watch TV and knows some dog
commercials by the sounds. He goes everywhere
with me riding shotgun and all comment on how
great he looks. Thank you for picking us such a

Kay M.
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to give you
an update on Rosie. In short, we LOVE her and
she is a GREAT dog!   
She’s up to about 21 pounds now and is several
inches taller than Zuma (we got together for puppy
play a couple of weeks ago) but the same weight.
She’s healthy and happy, though she did go
through a rock-eating issue where she ate several
rocks and even vomited up a fairly large one. This
was right after we got her home and we had to do
X-rays…her rock interest seems to have
dissipated.  She is very loving and doles her
affection out to all of our family members equally.
As you can imagine, our daughter, Shae, is over
the moon for her. She still carries Rosie around
like a baby. Pretty cute.
Rosie is smart and a fast learner of the
basic commands and even some tricks
that Shae is teaching her like shake and
She almost never barks, is super excited
and friendly when she meets other dogs
and loves to meet new people. Everyone
who meets her loves her, including the
groomer, dog walkers, people on the
street, etc. She’s just a joy to have
around. She now sleeps in our room out
of her crate in her own dog bed and does
great. During the day she sleeps a lot,
but goes on walks with me when I’m
working from home or the dog walker
comes and takes her either solo or with a
group of other dogs for a long walk and
puppy play.   
Thank you so much! We are just thrilled
with Rosie!   
Mollie, Mark and Shae , Seattle , WA.
Dear Debbie
She loves our boys and hugs line a teddy
bear! She's really all white except
for a slight tint on the end of her ears!
Angie, Corvallis, Or.


This is just following Sophia's first
grooming today.  She's just the most
amazing puppy and we think she's
beautiful (and gifted).  We couldn't be
happier with her.

In honor of dog day I thought I'd send you
a hello and update on Olympia. She is
doing great! She's still just a little thing at
about 11 lbs right now. We are both
loving our life together. Here are some
pics of my cutie. (Darla baby)
Sarah, Portland
Hi Debbie,
Here's a few pics of Milo with the kids. He
is adjusting well and has started forming
some habits (he loves relaxing under the
coffee table). He has an amazing
personality - he is really patient with the
kids, playful yet very calm (and calming!).
He seems to especially enjoy being
around kids. The neighborhood kids
came to greet him and he seemed at his
happiest. We love him - thanks you for
this amazing little guy!

Maryse, Boston
Haris and I are in love with Wexley and
we'd love to add another pup to the mix.
Ideally we're thinking of adopting another
labradoodle around Christmas into
next spring. . We're both looking for a
brown girl. We were so impressed by
your process last time, that we couldn't
imagine going through anyone else but
you. Thank you for a wondering pup and
any information! I hope you have a great

Seattle WA.

Lucy Lu at 13 weeks! She is potty
trained,crate trained, and in puppy
school. Thank you Debbie for such a
wonderful addition to the family
Teresa Sherman, Seattle, Wa.
Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to say thank you again!!  
Maisy is a doll.  She is so loving and full
of personality. I have attached a few
Terri, Larry and & Kaelyn Kelley
Just wanted to say Hi and thank you
again for giving us such a nice puppy. He
filled our house with even more love. I am
always being asked where we got him
from :) He is completely housebroken now
and I have run out of tricks to teach him.
He can do all of them only with gestures,
or with words and in two languages. He
sometimes outsmarts me..unbelievable. I
attached a recent picture of him before
we gave him his summer haircut. He says
hi ;) Thank you again and hope to see
you soon.
Hey Debbie, just wanted to say again how
thankful we are for our Hugo!!! Every
morning he runs downstairs to get the
boys up and they cuddle. We love him so
much and can't imagine life without him!!!
What a wonderful dog you have bred.
Best temperament, his groomer is
amazed at how perfect his coat is.
Everyone that meets him, wants him!

Angela, Alaska
We love Georgia so much! Today was
our 1st hike with her. She did great and
seemed to really love it! Thanks for
growing us such a wonderful puppy! We
get compliments every where we go.
Happy Mother's Day to you :)

The Riley's
"Georgia" is settling in well. She already
noses the bells to potty outside and she
is growing so fast! She starts puppy
classes on Monday! We love her so
much! I think she loves us too!

Julie & Family in Corvallis, Oregon
Well things are going great for our first
week!  Lucky and Owen are becoming the
best of friends. ...Lucky has slept in his
crate all the way through the night the last
three nights with absolutely no noise and
he is using his bells at the door about
80% of the time, with the other times us
proactively just taking him out because it
feels like it is time...

Thank you again for such a wonderful
addition to our family!
David, Springfield, Or
Hi Debbie,
Ceto is adjusting well to her new home. .
Ceto is very brave around the chickens
and wants to play with them. The
chickens do not feel the some. :)
Ceto rings the bells to go out, is starting
to recognize her name, and gets 'come',
'sit', and 'touch' most of the time. Really
awesome for only being with us for 3
days! We'll let you know how puppy
training class goes next weekend.
~Julie -  Corvallis, Oregon
My husband and I got our wonderful little Scarlett
from you this past September (Lilly and Harvey
litter July 2014).  She is now seven months old
and quite the energetic cutie! Here are a few
pics of the girl’s first trip to the park at Leaburg
and to the Heceta light house beach last
weekend.  And her new favorite spot is on my
lap! Even tho she is just a little bit big for that.  I
love it tho. Smile  I saw that you had more Lily
and Harvey babies.  I am sure they are fabulous
and tons of fun.  Scarlett loves the water and
rocks!   We walk twice a day and she has
become a favorite of my neighbor, who has
Parkinson’s.  It’s just great for all of us to get out
and walk together.  We also get lots of
compliments on how amazingly cute and soft
Scarlett is.  We will  keep in touch.  Thanks

Nancy and Kenn, Eugene, Or.
Hi Debbie!

Thank you so much for nominating Spanky and Darla for
the Kuranda Dog Bed contest. And thank you for
naming Dogs for the Deaf as the recipients of the five
free dog beds, if you won. While we lost by a mere 194
votes, it was fun way to interact with so many people on
Facebook and Twitter who voted 3,859 times!!
For our second-place win, Kuranda is going to send us
some beds anyway!!  In addition, a wonderful woman in
Georgia saw your efforts, and purchased a large
Kuranda bed for us that will arrive next week!
What an exciting outcome! We can’t thank you enough
for thinking of us and we are humbled by all the support!
Warm regards,
Hugo is doing fantastic!!
He is already romping around the house
playing with boys! He's given me some
sweet cuddles! He is more beautiful than I
imagine and larger too! Perfect! We are
all enjoying having a dog in the house

Angela, Fairbanks, Alaska
Hi Debbie.

I am sending pictures of Max at 5 months
old today- Spanky and Darla's litter. He is
the best addition to our family!

Kandi,Angie,Braden and Durham
Hudspeth. WA.

The 2nd picture is Max on his daily walk
to take the kids to school.
Hi Debbie,

Ozzy's at 5 months now and he is doing
great!  He is very smart and learns things
quickly.  Very friendly dog, too.  He loves
everyone he meets, and everyone he
meets loves him.  

Thank you for choosing such an
awesome dog for our family.

Hey Debbie...

Thought I would share a couple of
pictures of Finley's first paddleboard
adventure.  He did great!  I hope all is well
with you.  I see you have some great
litters lined up for 2015.....can't wait to
see the pups....I know they will be

Take Care...
Mary Anne Wheeler
Hello this is Fred & Andrea

We are so happy to have Ducati
We brings lots of Energy and playfulness
to our home he's 12 weeks now and
growing fast about 10 lbs ..He can sit stay
shake hands Fetch balls he's a bit scared
of the world but I feel he will outgrow that I
take him to as many places as possible
and introduce him to people as a positive

Again thanks!
Ferd and Anfrea, Seattle
Dear Debbie

Finley and I want to wish you good health
and happiness for 2015.  He is doing
great....very attentive, eager to please,
and a joy to be with.  He excels in puppy
class and loves everybody and every
dog.  Thanks so much for matching me
with him...I couldn't be more pleased.

Mary Ann, Florida.
(these  wonderful folks just lost their
Dobie to cancer, Kassie, and are buying
another doodle from us....sorry for you
loss Paul and Roger...hugs~DY
Paul and Kassie and Tyler at the
Prospect Park wall just steps from our
Brooklyn home. Taken last Spring. My
cousin Mary and I are on the other side of
the wall taking the picture. Fearless Tyler
about to leap over to join us. Park is 500
plus acres and dogs are allowed off leash
before 9 A M. Tyler weighed in at 33 lbs
today . He is incredibly intelligent and
outgoing. The best disposition ever. He is
a bit lost without Kassie. She was his
teacher, his protector and his surrogate
mother. She adored him and vis versa.
They often bathed each other from head
to toe. Please put us at the head of the
list for a pup and Tyler and Paul and I will
be forever grateful. Best. Roger.
Hi Debbie!
Hope you're well!  Just wanted to write
you with an update on our puppy Chewie.
One of my co-workers (Gabrial ) actually
got one of Chewie's half-sisters this past
weekend, and just wanted to share with
you this picture of them together with me!
The two of them are a hit in our office
right now, and people can't stop raving
about how great a job you've done as a
breeder :) Chewie is adorable, and we
are incredibly in love.  We can't believe
how quickly she's grown -- she's almost
15 pounds now!

Thanks for everything!
Hi Debbie,

Aly wasn't crazy about her bath, but loves
naps!  :-). We love her so much.

Sheila, North Bend, Or.
Dear Debbie

This is Fred and Andrea. We are so
happy to have Ducati!
He brings lots of energy and playfulness
to our house. He is now 12 weeks  old
and growing fast. He is about 10lbs now.
He can sit, stay, shake hands, and fetch
his ball.

I take him to as many places as possible.
We introduce him to everyone as a
positive thing.

Thank you so much for Ducati